Meet your photographer!

Hello friend! Thanks for checking out my page, I'm Holly. I'm a coffee lover, movie quoiting, animal loving, Nature Explorer who has always lived in the Pacific Northwest, currently living in the beautiful countryside of Roy Washington. 

The one main question I get a lot is how long I have been doing photography. Ever since I got my first camera at the age of 12, from then I took countless photos of flowers, my siblings and family events. I literally took it will me everywhere! Photos have always been such an important thing to me from taking photos to always looking through photo albums. My businesses started when people started to see the photos I took and asked why I wasn't making my own photography businesses which is where I am now. I appreciate not only the photos themselves but also the priceless memories and stories they tell. 



Editing/Style: For every session my goal is to capture the raw and real moments from giggles, hugs, laughter, genuine smiles to just having fun. The pacific northwest has given us so many beautiful and rich colors that I really love to incorporate in each session. 

Time/Location: Besides capturing beautiful memories, finding a location is my second favorite thing. I always go out and explore and make sure to find the most magical places so that you have a verity to choose from. With time, lighting is really everything, most sessions will take place in the evening because that sunset or golden hour is such a beauty. Also evening times are the best so that you don't get a lot of harsh light or shadows in your face.

Wardrobe:  I do provide wardrobe assistant because it really helps to bring the visions I have in my mind to life. With that being said I do have a client closet that has outfits to choose from or you can follow my Pinterest board for wardrobe ideas as well.


Let's chat! 

Feel free to text, email or call me whenever! I look forward to capturing beautiful memories for you. 


Cell: 253-355-7564